26th November 2020 - Fingers crossed we will be welcoming you all back on 2nd December as normal, we are just waiting for confirmation from the BHS that we can re-open, as always we will keep you informed.

This year has been an unusual one for all of us and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support & patience, thank you for following the new rules, thank you for understanding when we have had to change a yes to a no at short notice. THANK YOU.

Here's a little video of some fun we had on a blustery Sunday morning.  Can you spot who the runners, the non-runner and the high flyers are?

August 2020  - 

We are pleased to announce that we have passed our yearly vet inspection with flying colours yet again.  Thank you so much to all the girls for your help in getting the yard ready and running the ponies up for the vet.

Some of you may have seen on our Facebook page that we have temporarily put a hold on taking on any new clients.  It is not a decision that we make lightly however at this time the waiting list is getting very long and we are struggling to find spaces for everyone.  If you are on the waiting list, we are trying to find you a slot and as always we will keep you updated to the progress of this.  

We are looking to update some of the photos of our horses on the website very soon, if any of you have some pictures that you would like to share then please feel free to either send them via whatsapp to the yard phone or email them to muckheap@live.co.uk

Keep Smiling & Keep Safe

Lock Down Update 16/05/2020 - After the recent announcement from the Government and looking at advice from The British Horse Society, we have decided to start offering lessons.  However, due to the social distancing rules, we are only offering private lessons and initially these will only be available to our clients who can get themselves on and off the pony/who have a horsey parent that can get them on and off.  So at the moment we cannot offer lessons to our beginners/smaller children.  

We know there will be a lot of disappointed children, but for the time being we believe is the best way forward to ensure the safety of everyone.  Nicola is going through the rider list, however if she has not contacted you and you would like a lesson and are a more capable rider please do feel free to call.

We have also implicated some new rules to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, here are some friendly faces to help you learn these rules:

Wash your hands regularly with soap & water for at least 20 seconds at a time.

Face masks may be worn, however these are not compulsory.

Wear gloves whilst handling or riding your pony.

If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle until your allocated time.

Observe social distancing rules. Please keep at least 2 metres apart from each other

Clean/disinfect all equipment & tools regularly.

UPDATE - 25/04/2020

Hi everyone, we hope that you are all coping well during these unusual circumstances that we find ourselves in. It has been a very strange Easter not having you all here on pony days, or having hacks/extra lessons and joining us in enjoying the sunshine.


The ponies have been enjoying a rest and are now getting bored and can't wait for lock down to be lifted so that you can all come back.  All the ponies have been partaking in their hour a day of exercise with a walk (trot & Canter) around the school.  We hope that you have all been able to get out for your hour a day too?

We have been receiving some lovely hand drawn pictures from you all which we have been posting on our facebook page, (if you click the Facebook Symbol at the bottom of the page it will take you there), we will soon post them on here too.  If you haven't yet drawn a picture and would like to, you can send your pictures to us either via emailing muckheap@live.co.uk or whatsapp to the yard phone (number below)

Some beady eye members may have noticed an extra tab at the top, we have created a little quiz for you to test your knowledge. (It may relieve boredom for 5 minutes too).  If you complete the quiz and click submit, we will then email you the answers so you can see how you've done.  Please Ask Parents Permission First.

So for now take care, keep looking after yourselves & each other and fingers crossed we will see you all soon.


Christmas is Nicola's favourite time of the year (well after her Birthday that is!), and as usual we hold our annual show.  This year Anna & Jackie had the task of organising the proceedings, so they decided on variety of classes to test everyones all round skills.  We had Dressage & Handy Pony in the morning & 'Jump on Horse, Jump on Foot', Best Trot, Best Canter, Prettiest Horse & Cutest Pony classes in the afternoon.  

Of course Jodie had to be our dressage Judge & was assisted by Jo, and our judge for the afternoon classes was none other than our very own Sunshine! 

There were some lovely dressage tests, Bella & Coffee Bean were absolutely awesome, & Jodie was very proud of Lilypops & Jake who proved they had been listening in their lessons and rode the best centre line.

It was a close contest for prettiest Horse & Cutest pony as we think they are all gorgeous, however Layla won the horse class & Toby won the pony class.


Their were a few hairy moments in the jumping ring & Sunshine was a little frightened for her life when a couple of riders lost their steering, but the funniest moment has to be watching Ditsy (Nicole) & Emily fight it out for the on horse on foot class.  Em's Santa dress swaying as she ran & Ditsys awkward gate were all very amusing, however by about 0.2 of a second Ditsy pipped Em to the post.

A good time was had by all and we donated £85 from the entry fees to the Liv's legs fund.


Here are a few pictures of the day.


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