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Bathley Stables By Lily And Jemima!  


Why you should go to bathley stables 


Because they will teach you how to horse ride from step to step. 

They will teach you how to trot, canter (and gallop when you’re ready and older). 

They do pony days where you get to have a whole day of looking after horses and riding them. 

You go on hacks and do a little bit of a lesson on pony days. 

They try and put you on a different and suitable pony or horse every lesson, they do this so you can get used to them and get out of your comfort zone. 

You can loan or own a pony or horse (if they are available to loan or own) to ride and look after whenever you like. 

If you want, you can go to the yard to look after your pony (horse) to check on after work, school or whenever you are free. 

They do lessons for any age (when they know how to talk and walk) and have the best horses (pony’s) in the world. 

If you want to learn how to ride, come to…     





They open Mondays-Saturdays and are closed on Sunday.  

Address; Bathley Lane, Newark NG23 6DT. 

Number; 01636 610550. 



Fun Facts! 


What are the horse’s names? 


There is: Ebony, Rosie, Toby, Brynn, Romeo, coffee bean, Jake, Bramble, Joker, Pie, Eddie, Blue, Bailey, fizz, Millie, Bo, Lily, Blondie, Big John, Smokey, Moon, Mena, Layla and Roxy (the dogs are Betsy and Doris). 

These are our favourite horses: Ebony and Rosie! 

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