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After losing Megan pony in July 2017, we thought that this report by Katie O'Hare would be a fitting tribute to such a kind and loving pony

Norton district riding club show


On 28th of May 2017, I went to a show. We had to get to Millhouse at seven O'clock in the morning but I woke up at six!!!! When we got there we saw that my pony Megan had already been brought in and was eating her breakfast. We fetched the other ponies in; after that we got to work on Megan, first washing her tail. When that was nice and clean we made sure all her legs were clean of grass stains then we dried her off.

While my Mum plaited Megan's mane and tail I made sure that she was brushed and her hooves were picked. When it was time to go we put Megan's travel boots on and then her tail guard. Then Megan loaded onto the trailer the first time we asked her to (she doesn't always do it that easily). She was travelling with Jake, Daisy's pony.

When we got there we unloaded Megan, tied her at the back of the trailer, gave her some hay and took her travelling things off. After that we went and got my number, 293, and chose my classes. Then we tacked Megan up and I got changed into my show outfit. I wear a tweed jacket over a long sleeved blouse and cream jodhpurs, a tie and a matching scrunchie.

Once I was on we went to the warm up ring. In there I had a bit of a trot and a canter then popped over a practice jump. Remember, you need to always have the red wing/flag on your right side. When we were warmed up we went and had a go at the clear round in the main show jumping ring - this is a bit like a practice round.

After a bit, it was time for my show jumping class to start. I was in the 45cm class as it's the first time that I've done a class in the main ring. We didn't knock any down, but I had one refusal so we didn't get placed.

Next, it was the Working Hunter class. We did the 55cm class in this and some of the jumps looked a bit scary. The last jump was the one I was most scared of because it was branches not poles and I thought Megan would spook, but we jumped that one the best! In working hunter, we had to go round a track through the woods as well. After everyone had jumped, we had to do a showpiece, where you have to have a trot and a canter on each rein, whilst the judges watch you. I thought we did well at this bit. Then it was time for the placing, where the judges call you out in order. I got 4th, which meant I qualified for the Equestrian Life show, so I was really excited!

When we had finished I cooled Megan off and untacked her. Then I got changed into my shorts and T-shirts because it was boiling hot. While Megan had a drink of water we went to get ice-creams-mine was the biggest!!! While we were eating them we watched Daisy and Michaela do some more jumps.

Then it was time to go home. Megan was very happy to see her best friend Rosie Pony and to go out in her field.

I can't wait for the next show!!

By Katie.

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