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My Winter at Millhouse Stables

During the Christmas period at the yard I have had the most fun I have had in a long time! In this period, we have had the inter-dressage competition, the Christmas show, show jumping comps and many new horses join us. Starting at the inter-dressage competition, I had just got my new horse and started getting her back into work from her old owners and the inter-dressage competition came up. I was quite excited when one of my instructors had told me about entering this however, we were not that ready for a dressage competition but my instructor persuaded me through my nerves and I agreed to giving it a go! I am now so happy that I agreed to do the competition as it was great experience and wasn't pressurising at all as I was at the fun and friendly environment of Millhouse Stables, my second home!


After the inter-dressage competition I had learnt more how to practice my dressage moves and was also starting to work on my show jumping techniques with the amazing help of Nicola and instructors at the yard! this then helped massively towards me getting a first, second, and third at the annual Millhouse Stables Christmas Show which was huge amounts of fun as always, especially thanks to Olivia Langley!!! I cannot explain how good this was with everyone joining in on almost every class and there was so many exiting things and events happening around this, Christmas at Millhouse is truly special!


Over the Christmas period I had had loads of great experience for me and my horse before the new seasons ready to go out! the yard had helped me so much to be prepared for my first show on my new horse, Wellow Show jumping! On the build up to this show my nerves grew however my experience and techniques were also improving massively, especially over Christmas. On the morning of the show there was so many people there to help me get ready and prepare me for the show! We were all ready and looking smart and ready to go, my horse however was not that experienced on trainers but on the run up to the show Nicola and other people had helped me massively to get her used to walking on and off a trailer ready for the big day! So, on this morning there was barely any trouble getting her on the trailer, other than slight hesitance which was a HUGE help and I am so grateful for that as I was not stressed out for the show and I could keep thinking about what I was going to do at the show. When we got there everything was very prepared and we went to go walk the course. I had chosen to do the 75cm and 85cm as I didn't want to go too big for my first time and I think this was the perfect height. We went really well and I was so proud. A day to really remember!


By Nicole Hamilton

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