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2017 & 2018

Autumn Update 2018


As you may have noticed from our gallery, we have had a little influx of new ponies, we welcome Lily, Blue & Bella into the Millhouse family.  We'd like to thank Ella DeVos for her help in finding these ponies, however Ella you could have said they were rubbish and saved us some money! Ha Ha

Also being welcomed into the Millhouse family are our new adoptees, Jamine & Alisha, we hope you enjoy making lots of memories with us.

Emily & Layla are really getting their teeth into ODE's and getting some great results, keep it up Em.

Michaela, owner of Ebony, has also had a go at a ODE with her other horse.  Mickey has been undertaking an apprenticeship at Wellow Equestrian where she has been doing amazingly well, we are very proud of you Mickey. 


Autumn 2018 is well underway and its safe to say that we have been very busy here at Millhouse Stables.

As always there have been plenty of outings whether it has been a morning out cross country schooling, trips to the local show or turning their hands to ODE.  The girls always do us proud when they are out and about, they always give 110% even if it goes a little pear shaped.

Lily O'Hare & Jake have done excellently, their first season out together and they claimed the runners up trophy in beginners jumping.

We are lucky to have a really good group of girls who help make Millhouse the yard that it is.  We would like to thank Beth & the other older girls for their help with getting Bella settled, true to form for a young horse she has definitely tested a few boundaries.

We'd also like to thank Evie Simmonds, 'Fairy', for always being able to step in last minute, for being a true fairy and helping Nik out by doing those extra little jobs that she doesn't always get the chance to do.

Looking forward to the winter we will be holding our annual Christmas show, which usually boasts soggy ponies & children but plenty of laughter and smiles. 

We are also looking at partaking in the interdressage competitions again, so look out on our you tube page for our entries.

Please remember during the cold weather to dress children appropriately, nice warm/waterproof coat, gloves etc.  We recommend that if your child is coming for the day to have a change of clothes in case of wet weather.

We do continue lessons in all weathers, as long as it safe, and will always contact you if we need to cancel.

joker alisha.jpg
joker pj.jpg

With 2018 well underway, it's safe to say we've all been having lots of fun.  The girls have had lots of outings to local shows, One Day Events, showjumping and cross country clinics.  The ponies all love to get out and do something different and its great seeing them all plaited up and looking smart.

This week we are proud to say that we have passed our vet inspection with flying colours and we are licensed for another year. 

Well what a summer we have had!  It is safe to say we have had a few downs but plenty of ups.

Sadly we have had 2 ponies go to heaven, Kiera & Megan, it was very sudden and very unexpected for both of them and both will be greatly missed.

There has been plenty of showing & cross country schooling trips, keep an eye out for the blogs from our girls.

We would like to make a special mention to Victoria Favill, and say how extremely proud of you we are.  Victoria has been working very hard, she has just completed her diploma at college and working her way through her BHS stages.  She has now embarked on a new journey receiving an apprenticeship with Yli Equestrian.

We wish you all the best Victoria and hopefully you'll come and see us soon.

We would also like to wish Michaela good luck with her apprenticeship at Wellow Equestrian Centre, by all accounts you are having a great time.

Grace & Olivia have been working hard over the summer with their young horses, Rupert & Theo, both have been on outings to their first shows and have taken it all in their stride, we wish you all the best girls and look forward to watching your babies grow into big boys.

We all got a chance to glam up for Megan & Jackie's joint 21st & 60th Birthday party, it always amazes us at how well everyone scrubs up.  Congratulations Megan on your recent graduation as well.

There are some new ponies that we wish to welcome, Layla & Roxy, both are on full livery at the moment but are still a big part of the Millhouse family, photos coming soon.

We welcome Scarlet Briggs-Price into the adoption family, she now has Toby on loan and a switch in ownership of Romeo means that Layla is his lucky owner and Amy now owns the lovely Fizz.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Wow that went fast! 

Another busy year under our belts and already we are into February.

As usual we will be holding our pony days every Tuesday & Thursday of the school holidays.  Places do book up fast, so please don't leave it last minute to book a place.

We are proud to say that we are the busiest we have ever been, however this does cause Nicola a few headaches trying to fit you all in!  If you are on our waiting list please do bear with us, we are trying to re-jig the regular slots so that we have spaces for you all.  As ever the safety of our clients and welfare of the ponies is very important to us, whilst it would be very easy to put lots of people in 1 lesson and reduce the waiting list we don't think this is beneficial to our clients and would mean our ponies having to do a lot more work than is good for them.

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